Monday, April 16, 2012

Jo Malone Parma Violet Tea Linen Spray

I love my bed, I adore crisp clean linen and that feeling on a Saturday morning when you wake up and realise that you don’t have to get up for work. You can turn over and doze off to sleep again, not before turning the pillow over to get the cold side. Bliss!

However, sometimes in fact most times, this doesn’t actually happen and even getting to sleep in the first instance can be a struggle. Stress of everyday life can get on top of you and churn over and over in your mind, preventing a calm and deep nights sleep, but I think I have found the solution. Jo Malone’s Parma Violets Tea Linen Spray.

This light linen spritz is a sophisticated blend of lavender, lime and parma violets. It delivers a crisp yet relaxing aroma that you can waft over your pillows before bed to help ease your overworked mind and help you drift off to sleep. For that added luxury, use this on napkins, tablecloths and towels too.

Like all of Jo Malone’s fragrances, this last for a long time, it had such staying power that often I wear this as a perfume, the scent is one that is quite moreish and I think, dare I say this about a linen spray, a little flirty.

This makes a lovely gift for those who have everything, or a nice alternative to wine or flowers for the host of a dinner party.


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