Friday, February 24, 2012

St. Tropez: The evolution of the tan – part 5

This is what St. Tropez’s Head Tanner Nichola Joss had to say on how the Red Carpet experience compares with fashion week:
“The intensity is different, there is always a short time frame, but with Red Carpet you’ll have one, maybe two people to work with so it’s a lot more personal, whereas at LFW you have 22 girls and they all have to look amazing. There’s a real team work ethic at LFW as the girls walk down one after the other, whereas with a celebrity they are on their own and need to be nurtured”.

Aside from the glamour of the catwalk and the Red Carpet, what tips does Nichola have for us mere mortals that want to self-tan? “When layering a product on, it can start to look flat and when this happens, it’ll look fake. It’s all about maintenance; you must exfoliate the skin. The myth about exfoliation is that it will make you lose your tan, but it actually brightens the skin and allows for the tan to fade evenly”.
Nichola’s second top tip is about application, “When tanning, you should use a tanning mitt. Put the product onto the mitt and then apply to the body. It helps you achieve a sheer application and there isn’t as much of a tendency for build up”.
So there you have it, follow these simple rules and you too can look Red Carpet gorgeous.
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