Monday, February 13, 2012

Lashings of Lashes

Everyone would like eyelashes that look long, full, fluttery but not fake. Over the years I’m sure you or someone you know has endeavored with false strip lashes to achieve the Bambi eye look, and we all know it’s not easy to get the lashes in the right place, not to mention keep them on your eyelids for more than a few hours.

This is where The Powder Lounge comes in. Located on the 2nd lower ground floor of Topshop, Oxford Circus, London, these lash experts are here to help you get ‘the lash look’ with easy and convenience. The Powder Lounge offers a plethora of services including strip lash application for FREE when you purchase one of their many strip lashes. They also offer semi permanent lash treatments one of which I tried called Holiday Lash.

Holiday Lash is a semi permanent lash extension treatment that is designed to last for about 2 weeks. The individual flare lashes are for me the best time saver in the morning! You don’t need to wear mascara when you have these and that also saves time at night when getting ready for bed. The real beauty of these is when you are actually away; they are designed to allow you to wear them while swimming, or lying on the beach.

Below is a picture of my eyelashes before having Holiday Lash applied (please note my lashes are curled in this image, so they do actually look longer than they actually are!)

Before Holiday Lash

Unfortunately, I’m not actually going on holiday but have been wearing these Holiday Lashes for a week now and they really are fantastic! I’ve not had to scrub my eye make up off every evening or spend ages applying mascara, eyeliner and what not in the mornings. In addition, they look so beautiful! I feel much more confident with these lashes, I feel I can pop to the shops without a full face on just because my eyes look brilliant without any effort.

Below are images of Holiday Lash after application - such a difference!

After - Eyes closed

After - Eyes open

For those of you who wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes, Holiday Lash will NOT cause you any problems. Designed for use with hypoallergenic adhesive these ultra soft lashes are the most natural way to have the lashes you’ve always dreamed of.


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