Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Burlesque The Movie

When we heard Christina Augiliara and Cher were making a film about singing and dancing we literally could not wait for it to come out. When Burlesque hit the big screen, we unfortunately were unable to get the time to go and see the film. K being the amazing person she is, brought me the DVD for my birthday. We finally got round to watching the film a few weeks ago. The story lines were incredibly predictable but rather cheesy but we did not care! We had the costumes, make-up, fashion, songs and dancing to keep us occupied.

Cher and Christina were amazing to say the least! I do not care if Christina has put on a few pounds (you cannot see it in the film) and we are not very bothered about Cher’s pillow face (she still looks 21! Nevertheless, good on her!)

Christina was given an incredible range of different looks during the film, from small town American girl, to sexy songstress, to vampy torch song singer. Every look she wore suited her, meaning you can wear them too! To be honest – her ‘small town American girl’ look was a bit ‘wiggy’ in terms of her hair, but still her au natural make up was truly lovely!

Below is a selection of the key looks achieved by Christina in the film...

Dressing up is fun, and always-on trend. Take red lipstick for example – so many fabulous brands are bringing out shades of red to suite every skin tone, Kate Moss for Rimmel, Tom Ford, Kate Winslet, YSL, Dior and Chanel – there are so many, so go and get one!

False eyelashes to are a hug winner in my eyes (sorry could not resist the pun!) with Christmas just around the corner and New Year parties already being planned – when better to step on stage and shine!

BTW I couldn’t do a post on Burlesque without including the ‘love interest’ *SWOOOOON*

And the 'footwear love interest'...


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