Monday, November 7, 2011

Moroccan Oil

If you are after a hair product to condition your tresses and tame frizz, then look no further than Moroccan Oil Treatment.  I invested in it over the summer and it is now one of my favourite hair products that I cannot live without.  It makes my hair feel so soft and makes styling so much easier.

Moroccan Oil Treatment promises to;

  • Revive your hair
  • Strengthen and condition your hair
  • Reduces drying time

To use Moroccan Oil, you apply a small amount to damp hair then style hair as usual. The key here is to not be heavy handed because just a little Moroccan Oil goes a very long way and if you use too much it can make your hair a little greasy.  I use just 2 tiny pumps.

In addition to using it on wet hair before styling, you can also add it to your conditioner and then leave it on your hair as a deep conditioning mask which is a really amazing treatment and leaves your hair feeling so soft.

So if you buy just one hair product this month, make it Moroccan Oil!

K x

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