Friday, November 4, 2011

GOSH! That's Glittery!

This week has been a bit of a nail week for me. I have managed to wear three different looks within four days! I detest ‘doing’ my nails. I find it had to sit still for more than five minutes at the best of times but to sit still and not be able to touch anything really gets my goat! So after my Immaculate Manicure had started to chip and wear, I decided to go to the other side of the nail colour spectrum and try these little gems - GOSH Nail Glitters.

GOSH Nail Glitters
The new GOSH Nail Glitters are exactly what they sound, little pots of glitter. Available in 13 different colours, you simply paint your nail with a base coat (I chose Mavala 002) dip your finger into the pot; dust off any excess with a soft paint or cosmetic brush! Done!

I have to say that I would recommend using a top coat (or three – I recommend Seche Vite) to finish the look as without the even topcoat, the glitter tends to catch and drag. But the effect is brilliant, and a real eye catcher for a night out. The beauty of these pots is that you can utilize the glitter in a number of different ways. Dip the nail tip into the pot and have a sparkly French manicure effect, mix the glitter to achieve a two tone effect, sprinkle glitter on top of an existing colour for that little extra pizzazz – your imagination is your own limitation.


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