Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Apologies again...

Apologies again, this is now my third post in a row on nails. I am going through a bit of a nail obsession at the moment. There are a few reasons for this. One is that during the winter, there is one thing that always works for me and that is my nails. It can be raining outside and my hair will turn into a ball of frizz, the freezing wind can blow in my face all it wants and my skin can dry and my lips crack, but my nails will usually always stay ok, if not get better. During the winter we eat better, more wholesome foods and more often to keep warm and our energy levels up. Therefore, this is why I am in love with polish, as the efforts of shaping; manicuring and polishing are rarely in vain. Unlike the 45 minutes or so it takes to blow dry, straighten and ‘set’ my hair simply to go outside for 5 minutes and whoosh – frizz ball! The other reason is that I am engagement ring shopping so am conscious that my hands and fingers are being looked at, moreover, if and when I/we find the ring, I want it to be worn on perfectly manicure nails.

Therefore, what better way to continue my nail obsession than a little look at the new launch from God himself, Tom Ford. It is almost like everything this man touches turns to gold and this new launch is no exception.

Tom’s Scarlet Chinois, it my favorite of the range. The key according to colour choice is according to the experts 50 per cent what you like and 50 per cent what suits you. I’ve never been a big fan of the greige look, my hands end up looking dead and pale. Red all the way!

This colour is the perfect American red. It is extremely versatile and looks brilliant with this seasons camel, black and navy. The bottle oozes glamour and screams FABULOUS! I am dying to try it and as I have been informed by a reliable source that it glides on with no glooping or bubbling, dries efficiently and stays put. However, at £25 a pop I'm don't think I'll get the chance to test it out anytime soon!


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