Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wrap It Up!

I subscribe to a monthly box of goodies called GlossyBox, where you pay £10 plus p+p every month and receive a selection of up to five products to try. I will discuss GlossyBox further in a future post as I have mixed thoughts on the service, but for the moment, I want to discuss one of this month’s products. Nail Rocks, these are a relatively ‘new’ trend to the beauty market. The theme of transferable beauty has been around since I can remember, I recall using transfers on my nails as a child but now they have had resurgence, with other brands such as Violent Lips offering extreme patterns and allowing you to temporary ‘go crazy’ with your beauty look. Nail Rocks do not involve nail varnish and cut out the annoying waiting game of drying nails. Nail Rocks are strips of adhesive patterned / coloured wraps that you apply to the nail bed.
I received a pack of the ‘Furry Cheetha’ so this is how they are applied:

1. Push back cuticle.

2. Shape and file the nail edge.

3. Gently remove surface shine using a nail buffer or a smooth nail file.

4. Clean the nail using an acetone based remover.

5. Select the Nail Rock wrap nearest to your cuticle size. These can be trimmed to fit if needed.

6. Do not touch the adhesive side of the wrap that will be used on your nail.

7. Place at the cuticle edge and press FIRMLY on to the nail. Work from the cuticle edge applying pressure and smoothing the wrap from the middle to the outside edges of the nail.

8. If you have any creases, lift wrap slightly and stretch back over the nail. Apply pressure and smooth again.

9. Stretch firmly over the free edge of your nail and use your nail or a wooden hoof stick to tuck under the free edge.

10. Taking a smooth nail file, remove excess wrap by running file under the nail

They should last for up to 7 days on your fingers and 3 weeks on your toes. So far I’m 3 dyas in and one is peeling off already, however, this can be easily fixed by putting a coat of top coat on top to seal in down again.

I think they look great for fun parties, but not they’re not exactly my cup of tea.


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