Friday, December 2, 2011

Top Christmas Shopping Tip

Mum if you are reading this stop now! (well until after Christmas day)

So yesterday, I decided to go for a spot of self-torture and do a bit of Christmas shopping on my lunch break. Not such a bad Idea I hear you say? Well it is, I work just off Oxford Circus and it is a nightmare at the best of times, so venturing outside from November until January is pretty much suicide.

This year my mum gave me a Christmas gift wish list and on it was Molton Browns Suma Ginseng shower gel. Not such a toughie! Therefore, I was quite prepared as I had research, which shops to head to in advance to make sure they stocked what I was after.  

Starting from Oxford Circus tube station I first pop into John Lewis. Two steps in and the sheer number of people in this store already overwhelms me. I literally cannot move there are people everywhere; I cannot even see the brands to find what I am looking for. I have to leave. Next stop Debenhams…

So in Debenhams – looking for NICE make up brushes – forget it! Out I go… come on HoF must be able to help.

In House of Fraser, pretty much the same situation as John Lewis. Panic, I’m now running out of time, I now have sales assistants calling me ‘Madame…what foundation do you use?’….’Excuse me Madame…Have you heard about our new…’ NOT INTERESTED!!!! Then from the corner of my eye I spot the Molton Brown stand, in my way is the Nil Inc. nail station – I am in half a mind to climb across the tables while people are having their manicures – I refrain that is just rude! So I whip round, dodging more sales assistants spritzing some overly sweet fragrance in my face. Ah ha Molton Brown, how I have longed to get this far without tears.

So I am looking for the scent I need…looking…. still looking…. literally by heart is dropping by the second…YES there you are! Suma Ginseng Shower Gel AND Body Lotion…oh hello lovely sales assistant YES you can help ME! Do you gift-wrap? FAB! I was in and out within 5 minutes! The sales assistant and I joked at how busy it was and she assured me that her rushing to serve me was simply to make my life easier! It worked!

Molton Brown Suma Ginseng Bath & Shower

Molton Brown Suma Ginseng Body Lotion

 To make this even better Motlon Brown has a 10% off every product, this offer ends today so hurry!!!

So get in there now and get something delightful for someone special this year!


P.S – sorry for my lack of posts recently – I have been on holiday! Back to usual now!

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