Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eye Eye - Double-Ended

You may have read my previous post regarding my eyelashes, which have recently been the bain of my life. They went through a time of falling out, refusing to grow back, and leaving big gaps in between the two strands of lashes still on my eyes. Thankfully, it seems to have been a phase, perhaps it was stress, bad diet, the fact that they kind of ached and I had to pluck some of them out to ease the discomfort. The whole situation was stressing me out, which was probably making it worse.

One of the reasons I think they may have begun to grow back was the use of Ojon’s SWA Double-Ended Treatment Mascara. A few months back my mum and I were watching a beauty show on QVC and came across the Ojon SWA Double-Ended Treatment Mascara, offering promises of full, strong, and conditioned eyelashes. Now, my mum and I are not suckers for promises that sound rather fanciful and at first, we were quite sceptical. However, we decided to give it a go. The beauty of QVC is that you can try it and return it if you do feel it is quite for you. In addition, what would I loose, surely not more lashes!

Therefore, when the mascara arrived I pounced on it immediately. I have been using it every day for the past 3 months and felt that I had seen an improvement in my eyelashes. They certainly have grown back, however I cannot confirm that it is because of Ojon. One thing I can say is that they do feel stronger and more conditioned.

The double-ended wand consists of a white conditioning treatment, which you apply first to the lashes, followed by the black conditioning mascara. I applied a thick coat of the treatment then two coats of the black mascara. The overall effect offered think, long lashes like many other mascara brands, so you would not be swapping treatment for daily performance.

Unfortunately, mu mum did not like the black mascara as she felt it smudged on her lower lashes. Thankfully, she gave me hers so now I have double!

Ojon SWA Double-Ended Treatment Mascara

What Ojon say…

Ojon SWA double-ended Treatment Mascara -
Treatment: applies easily and prepares the lash for an enhanced and even mascara application.

Mascara: this rich and luxurious fluid formula glides easily onto lashes while allowing for a quick dry to avoid smudges. Gives lashes an intense and deep black colour

Nourishing treatment mascara from Ojon. Contains Ojon and SWA oils that penetrate the lashes deep within the shaft to help volumise delicate, fragile lashes. Mascara glides on easily and drys quickly giving you intense, smudge-free colour.

I would recommend this product if you have found yourself with similar eyelash issues, as there is nothing worse than feeling naked, especially in the eyelash department and you never know it might help!


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