Friday, December 9, 2011

Fabulous Friday Nails

Ok so it is my second nail post of the week sorry, but I could not help myself. Sitting in my office I look at my nails and think – how dare I leave the house without out polish on. So I rummaged through my handbag (thinking there must be something in here) Ah ha! Mavala I love you! Onyx, a deep luxurious dark red almost black/brown. Two coats and bam! I am ready, as well as for my appointment on Monday with the jeweller. While on holiday a few weeks ago, my darling boyfriend, or should I say, fiancée proposed and I said yes. Monday we are ring shopping, so my nails must look their best – obviously!
Therefore, amid this excitement I am literally typing this post while my nails dry! Multi-tasking at its best!

Mavala – little pots of love like dim sum - £4.10 – Debenhams, John Lewis and Online


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