Thursday, January 5, 2012

SUPER Skin At Last!

Confession time! I have been absolutely awful with my skin over the last few months and it has really started to show. Breakouts, dry patches, fine lines, and general sensitivity has arisen. I am in absolute turmoil! I have no excuse at all apart from firstly, being a bit lazy and secondly, I have an oily t-zone so in my head, do not need to moisturise. BIG MISTAKE!! Something needed to be fixed and fast.

You may have read my previous post on the new brand from the US, SUPER by Dr Nicholas Perricone and thought I would give some of their products a go. I decided to try O-Mega Moisture (based on the powerful properties of Chia seeds) and 3 Minute-Facial (based on ginger to help stimulate the skin).

O-Mega Moisture, based on the Superfood of Chia, this light and deeply hydrating cream helps restore and replenish the skin. O-Mega Moisture mimics the skin’s natural lipids to keep moisture in and toxins out. This anti-oxidant packed cream absorbs quickly to leave skin feeling calm and dewy.


Chia, containing unparalleled levels of omega-3, is a water-loving seed that helps the skin retain moisture while delivering essential nutrients and antioxidants.

Shea Butter moisturizes and helps skin retain elasticity while protecting against and repairing degeneration.

DMAE lifts, tones and firms skin instantly.

Squalane, an unhydrogenated oil from olives, mimics skin’s lipids to create a protective, moisture-retaining barrier that feel natural and does not congest pores.

O-Mega Moisture

3 Minute-Facial as I mentioned is based on ginger, and is a thick and highly moistursing mask, that helps brighten the skin, giving it a healthy glow, while nourishing the skins cells.


Ginger Root Extract, the warming, stimulating constituent found in the golden root increases circulation for healthy glowing skin.

Capsicum Frutescens Extract, the protective antioxidant found in hot peppers, act as a topical astringent, revealing radiant, luminous skin

Phosphatidylcholine encourages rapid penetration of key nutrients while nourishing and softening the skin.

Mineral Complex, including zinc, magnesium and copper, increases cellular energy and helps tighten and firm the skin.

3 Minute-Facial

I have been using O-Mega Moisture for a few weeks now, morning and night and 3 –Minute Facial every other evening as a pick-me-up. So far, I have seen a huge difference in my skin. It is much more hydrated and less sensitive. My complexion looks clearer and does not feel tight, even after washing my face and before applying more products. I prefer using the 3 Minute-Facial out of the two, it gives quite a strange sensation on the skin while it is working its magic and after your skin feels zingy!

I highly recommend giving this range a go, available from Boots or this range will not only leave you feeling and looking amazing, it also looks rather flash sitting on your bathroom shelf!


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