Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope everyone had a lovely break over the last few days. We are back, ready, and eager to go for 2012. It’s going to be an exciting time for BSTO’s and we are looking forward to continuing to bring to you all the latest news, tips and tricks on how to look good and feel fabulous during the coming year.

So, what did you get for Christmas? Anything exciting, different new or just weird? Drop us an email, we would love to hear!! I can tell you one thing, for the first time ever I DID NOT get a diary and I am gutted! In addition, I did not get anything beauty related, which was actually a real bummer as I now have nothing new to play with! No, wait, how could I forget, my wonderful mum stocked me up on Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish, which I adore!

The next inevitable question is what did you do for New Year? Tell us people! I had a bash at my place, which turned out to be quite wild, involving, dancing, singing, food fights, Champagne Jäger Bombs, and a Cliff Richard calendar! Therefore, waking up at 8 am the next morning after 4 hours sleep was not an ideal way to start 2012. Thank god, I had these little beauties from leaders in marine beauty, THALGO.

THALGO’sL’Oceane vials are individual doses of living seawater designed for those who are lacking energy, vitality or feeling dehydrated. Formulated to replace lost vitamins and minerals these SHOTS (I cannot believe I was having more shots!) helped ease that horrendous headache and perked me up enough to attempt to tidy the flat and wash the sticky floor!


Therefore, the next time you are planning a night out or in, remember to have these the next morning, even before you feel the hangover coming – prevention is better than cure as they say. They also help fight off colds and flu, as they boost your immune system!


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