Friday, January 13, 2012

Foamless Cleansing Conditioner - WEN

So over the past few weeks I have swapped my recent obsession for nails and nail colour for haircare. And this new hair care range WEN is a real mind bender! You may have read my previous post on WEN Volumizing Treatment SprayWEN has been developed by top US stylist Chaz Dean, and is a unique hair care system consisting of a single step cleansing conditioner that cleanses and conditioners your hair simultaneously; sound weird? Let me explain more…

The cleansers are made from a blend of herbs, botanicals and provitamin B.  Uniquely, WEN doesn’t lather but creates a smooth foam when mixed with water. Still sounds weird? Here’s a bit more…

Chaz Dean created WEN following his belief that some shampoos can be harmful to hair. The concept of not using regular shampoo is something Dean began to implement in 1993 and now, no longer uses ordinary shampoo on himself, or his clients.

WEN Haircare

WEN has been designed to gently cleanse and moisturise your hair, leaving it with more sheen, lustre, moisture and better colour retention.  OK, so now it’s time for me to try it. The concept to me is still rather odd. I have a short bob, and my hair is fine and blonde so will look dirty or greasy if I simply step outside for 5 minutes, so I was very dubious to even try this product. I decided to give it a whirl on a weekend where I didn’t have plans to go out or do anything glam in case my hair ends up looking like a ropey mop end.

BUT I wasn’t being fair; this system was quite a pleasure. It saved me time, as I didn’t have to go through a ‘wash, rinse and repeat’ process followed by conditioner. The range smells very invigorating and quite herbal, but not in a stuffy way, more uplifting. So in all I was happy with the end result, but as some one who pretty much feels manky and dirty if I don’t wash my hair at least once in 24 hours, I think WEN would be best suit to those who can go a few days without washing their hair. In fact, this system would be ideal for K, whose hair seems to look better the longer she doesn’t wash it for! (I’m utterly jealous of that fact!).


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