Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How Pinteresting!

I’m sending my sincerest apologies for not having posted sooner! There is no excuse apart from the obligatory ‘didn’t have time’ ‘couldn’t find a minute’ I didn’t start a blog to then ignore it. Everyday that I don’t write a post I feel a bit of guilt rushing through my non-typing fingertips. So to apologize, I’m going to impart to you a little discovery, which has the potential to change your web life for the foreseeable future.

Pinterest.com, Pinterest is a virtual pin board where you can find inspiration or collate your findings. Many people use Pinterest to plan home interiors, weddings, find their personal style, keep recipes or even create travel logs. Pinterest is only limited by your own imagination.

I discovered Pinterest just before Christmas after I got engaged and have decided to create a wedding ideas board and a wedding dress board, thus creating a visual mood board of what I envisage the big day could/will/may look like. It has proved to actually be very inspiring and I hope enable to me to add those devilish details and hidden touches to the big day. It has also helped me get across my ideas for my BF to relate to, otherwise, if I were to say I want pink and my theme colour, he’ll see Barbie, whereas I mean soft, antique pink and cream lace. Get it?

Wedding Ideas Pin board

As I mentioned Pinterest is also great for those looking for style inspiration or even beauty ideas. Pinterest is split into a number of subject categories, such as arts, fashion, travel, lifestyle, photography, craft etc. etc. so if you want to search nail colour trends SS12 it will come up with a plethora of images under that category.

Travel Pin board

How does it work - you can upload your own images onto Pinterest through your computer or you can Repin other peoples images. If you are a Facebook user its very similar to tagging yourself into someone’s photo and you can actually like someone’s images. You can also follow other peoples pin boards too, so you are updates on their images selections automatically.

Please, please, please, please take a look at Pinterest.com, you will not regret it, well you might as you may find yourself losing hours to it, but trust me it is worth it.

If you want to take a look at my Pinterest you can find me at AshleyVanBaalen Happy Pinning!


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