Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hair News – Michel Mercier Detangling Brush

So it looks, as thought there is a lot going on in the hair care world at the moment and this is the place to find the latest information. Last week I was invited to the launch of Michel Mercier’s new product launch. How many times have you spent hours preening your hair, making it look perfect, step outside to face the world, then, whoosh! A gust of wind – which equals tangles! Do you remember those mornings where your mum or dad tried to brush your hair ready for school and the results was tears and screams of fighting to get the knots out! I remember when I was about seven and had long hair, the laborious time spend with my mum brushing my long blonde hair. Our American friends came to stay once and Jennie, who is 18months older than I, so was 9 at the time had rather long, curly hair. I remember in horror the tears running down her reddened cheeks just trying to brush her hair when it was wet. So since all that I’ve not had long hair! I learnt my lesson a long time ago…or so I thought!

Internationally acclaimed hair stylist Michel Mercier was also struck by these problems whilst brushing the hair of his 12-year-old daughter. Aware that this discomfort was not confined children alone, Michel set about creating a brush that would make daily brushing a more pleasant experience and less damaging to hair.

The Michel Mercier Detangling Brush is uniquely designed a made up of 428 bristles positioned at different heights with a unique geometric distribution, helping to disperse the pressure placed on hair during brushing. Of course no one head of hair is the same and Michel Mercier has ensured that everyone can benefit from this innovation by creating three colour coded models, each one designed to suit a different hair type: fine, normal and thick.

The Michel Mercier Brush works perfectly with all hair types, from dry colour damaged hair to thick European, Afro and Asian hair textures, and is especially gentle for children’s hair brushing regime. It can even be used on wet or dry hair, curly or straight, and is even gentle enough to tackle hair extensions and real or synthetic wigs.

Michel Mercier shares his key tips for keep your hair and scalp in top condition:

‘Daily brushing with the Michel Mercier Detangling Brush improves the blood flow in the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles. It also dramatically reduces hair loss and in the long term will improve the density of hair.’

‘In order to untangle your hair effectively and without damaging it, start with the lengths and gradually work your way up to the roots.  This will prevent the hair from breaking.’

‘For shiny locks spray an oil-free serum on the Michel Mercier detangling brush before brushing, and work your way through the lengths of the hair.  This will create a shiny, sleek and frizz free look.’

‘If you have very curly hair, try adding some moisture crème onto your locks before washing. Brush the crème through the hair and leave for a few minutes before washing and conditioning as usual. After blow-drying your hair, add a serum and brush through with the Michel Mercier Detangling Brush.  This will leave your curls glossy and full of bounce.’

‘If you’d like to create some beautiful curls, shampoo your tresses as usual before applying a hair mask. Next, cover your hair with cling film and leave on for 10 minutes. Then gently warm your hair with a hairdryer on a low heat, before removing the cling film.  Wash off the hair mask and drain away any excess water from the hair, before adding some moisture crème and hair mousse. Brush the hair while it is still wet and divide it to sections across the head. Use your finger to curl each section before allowing it to dry naturally.’

‘If you suffer from oily hair, wash your hair with shampoo which has been specifically developed for oily hair and then rinse with cold water. The cold water shrinks the skins pores and repeating the process for some time will prevent the scalp from producing excess oil.  Apply your conditioner to the mid to ends of the hair only and gentle brush through with the Michel Mercier detangling brush before rinsing thoroughly.’

The end of an unhappy hair childhood is here!


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