Monday, October 10, 2011

Vivienne Westwood's Spring/Summer 2012 Show

One look that I couldn’t not talk about was the very ‘Avant Garde’ look that MAC make up artist Val Garland created for Vivienne Westwood’s Spring/Summer 2012 show in Paris.

The make-up was inspired by an 18th Century painting of a lady but Val Garland wanted to create a very childlike interpretation of that so she used lots of different colours - pink, yellow, gold, orange - to create a doll-like, haphazard make-up.

The models' skin was turned porcelain white with MAC White Face & Body Foundation ad MAC Modern Mandarin Blush (a bright orange) was used on the apples of the cheeks. On their eyes, she used MAC Ochre Colour Corrector from lash to brow and then painted MAC Gold Pigment mixed with Water Mixing Medium through the crease and through the eyebrows. MAC Chrome Yellow eyeshadow was added under the eyes on the inner and outer corners and MAC Genuine Orange Chromographic pencil was applied in the centre lower lid, with MAC Orange eyeshadow on top. The Gold Pigment was used again under the eye, with each make-up artist doing it slightly differently to highlight the unique shape of each model's eye. On the lips, MAC Vino Lip Pencil was used all over to create a rounded shape, the MAC Full Cover Foundation in White was whisked over the top with a fan brush and the high points of the lips were accented with Gold Pigment.

About five models at the Westwood show had a totally different make-up - bright blue graphic shapes drawn onto lips, brows and beneath their lips to create a kind of warrior look. The inspiration for this look was black and white photos of wood carvings as Val Garland wanted to create something that looked very strong and powerful and picked up the cobalt blue colour used in Vivienne's collection.

To create this second look, MAC Marine Ultra Paintstick was painted under the eyes to create a graphic 60s shape and MAC Electric Eel Eyeshadow was applied on top of the Paintstick to set it and add extra intensity. The same Painstick was painted onto the brows, creating clean, acute, square box-shapes. Again Electric Eel Eyeshadow was applied on top, and the same two products were used on the mouth to draw a squared-off shape that left the outer edges of the lips bare.

Although not looks that I could pull off on a night out – they are certainly very impactful and amazing to look at!

K x

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