Friday, October 7, 2011

Unconditional Spring / Summer 2012

More Fashion Week news and trends to report, this season myface cosmetics teamed up with Unconditional to present the hottest looks for Spring / Summer 2012.

Make up artist Gemma Smith-Edhouse notes the following from the gilded modern day Mid- Summer Nights Dream-esque show:

“It’s a little punky and androgynous after the character Puk, with an ethereal polished beautiful edge provided by the myface BLINGTONE blended all over the hollowed eyes at the end.”

Gemma Smith-Edhouse creating the hottest look for S/S 12

Follow her a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this look.

Step 1 – firstly the lashes must be curled, and then powdered with MYMATCH POWDER – this will take the grease off the eye area and build up on the lashes to thicken the, Pat MYCOVER CONCEALER all over the eyelids, up to the eyebrows, and under the bottom lashes again, set liberally with powder.

Step 2 – with a HIGH DEF EYE PENCIL (use black for dark hair and brown for hair fair) scribble and press the liner in between the upper and lower eyelashes as many times as needed to create desired density, don’t come too high on the lid, just very focused and layered also covering the base of the lashes themselves.

Step 3 – the upper and outer corner of the eye socket should then be marked off with the BROWN HIGH DER PENCIL. With your little finger blend BLINGTONE SP’ICE’Y over the pencil keeping it in the socket. Above the socket blend BLINGTONE MOROCOCO up to the brows. To finally pop the eye, liberally apply BLING TONE EYESHADOW GILT-Y over the center of the eyelid.

myface Sp'ice'y

Step 4 – to strengthen the eyebrows, scribble matt brown eye shadow from the EYETOUCH TRIO IN A WHOE LATTE LOVE back and forth on the eyebrows. To finish off push brows in the opposite directions and set with a dot of hairspray on your fingertip, which also makes them glossy.

Step 5 – using UPLOAD LASHES MASCARA, go into the base of the lashes easing inner lashes inwards, the middle lashes upwards, and the outer lashes outwards, using the end of the wand if necessary. Leave the ends fluffy for next seasons look, and as they are drying press lashes up and out with fingertips.

Step 6 – use MIYMIX FOUNDATION to lightly work around the outside of the eye are, and over the rest of the face. Then using your ring finger, pat a slightly lighter shade of MYCOVER CONCEALER into the inner corner and outer edge of eyes, under nostrils, center of the chin and forehead to flatten out the T-zone. To finish press a little MYMATCH POWDER on center of the forehead, outer edge of the nostrils, edge of lips and center of chin.

Step 7 – using HIGH DEF LIP PENCIL in NUDE for FAIR colouring of BAIGE for darker complexions, draw over the edge of your lip line and fill up the whole lip. Then with the matching lipstick in VINTAGE PINK or SWEET DREAMS fill it in the center of the lips, patting any excess onto the upper outer apple of the cheek.

myface Sweetdreams 

Step 8 – to add the final GILT-Y shine, put a dollop of ONE HIT WONDER LIP GLOSS in GILT-Y In the center of the lip and the lid.


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