Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Spikkers En Spijkers has long been a favourite of mine at fashion week. Ever since I worked back stage dressing models for the show I have followed their progress with unfailing enthusiasim. This season, luckily for me, short hair sees an injection of texture and movement. Styles draw inspiration from 1920’S inspired waves and crops, whilst dramatic dishevelling brings the look fully into the 20th century.

Spikkers En Spijkers S/S 2012

JOICO® International Creative Director Damien Carney notes;

“To get this look at home, start by spraying Structure Foundation (£9.95) through damp hair to help detangle, tame and prepare hair pre styling. Whilst hair is still damp, work Structure Twist Styling Gum (£10.95) through the mid-lengths and ends of hair to create added texture and body, whilst leaving hair with a soft shine. Rough-dry hair before tonging random sections to create defined curls and extra body. Next, roughly pull hair up into a high pony tail, offsetting it to the right side of your head. Twist into place and secure with Kirby grips. Allow for the rest of the pony tail to fall just above your right eye and mould into shape. Once you’ve created your desired shape, secure firmly with Kirby grips and finish with a spritz of Structure Finish (£9.95) for an all day long hold.”

Joico Structure Finish 


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