Monday, October 3, 2011

October Madness!

OK, I’m not complaining about this glorious weather over the past week or so, I only wish I haven’t given up on the Summer when the first drops of rain set in. So with this blistering heat, skirts and shorts and little tops are the only thing to be wearing right now, and by body isn’t it ‘Summer Mode’ I’ve had to desperately apply fake tan, leg makeup to bring my pale and ill looking skin up to the acceptable level that it can be shown outside in public. To help me achieve this I have enlisted the fantastic BIC Soleil razors. Usually I buy cheap disposable razors. Expensive razors have never been something I’ve been interested in shelling out for, as they seem to go blunt far to quickly. Anyway, I have been using the BIC Soleil Scent razors, which I have to say have been brilliant. Every time I use this razor my skin is left feeling reenergized. The wonderful scent leaves your skin feeling hydrated and lightly scented.

BIC Soleil Scent

The BIC Soleil range has been designed to enable you to spend less time shaving. I can honestly say that my shaving time has been considerable reduced, due to the closeness of the shave and accuracy (you wont find yourself sitting on the bus, to find that you’ve missed a thin strip of hair from ankle to thigh!). There are four different ones to choose from all offering the best shave you’ve ever day! So go on – embrace the last throws of Summer and get your legs out!


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