Thursday, September 29, 2011

Grow Grow Grow!

Ever dreamed of long, luscious locks? Or have you ever had a haircut that was just a little too short? Well Lee Stafford is here to help. Following the success of his Hair Growth Treatment, Lee Stafford has created two new products. Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner. The duo contains Pro-Growth complex for strength from within, to fertilize the hair follicles and help maximize its potential length.
The duo is designed to stimulate the scalp and balance moisture levels. Hydrolysed Lupine Protein ­ Anelgine proides peptides and trace elements that stimulate and activity of the hair roots.

Lee Stafford notes the following;

"I’ve created my own range of products which I have spent years perfecting! I have been able to put all of my experience into creating fantastic solutions for your hair care and styling needs. Diet, and lifestyle can all affect hair growth, and hair that is harshly treated can break off, making it extremely difficult to grow to an optimum length! If you treat your hair with hair growth shampoo and conditioner, you will get the result you want with its Pro-Growth complex for strength from within, to fertilize your follicles and help hair grow to its maximum potential length."

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Trio

I have been trying this duo for a month and can say that my hair has felt softer, smoother, and healthier. The shampoo and certainly nourished my hair, while the conditioning treatment has smoothed the ends of my hair. Apple and Lemon Extracts have added shine to my often dull blonde hair, while Green Tea Extract has been protecting my hair from the elements, as well as the rigorous heat styling I put it through daily.

Now in terms of hair growth, I can say I’ve not seen a huge increase in the length of my hair. Initially, I was very spectacle of the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Range, I have quite a comprehensive understanding of trichology and hair health and know that hair growth goes further that simply using products, treatments and topical formulations.

World leading trichologist Philip Kingsley notes the following on hair growth;

It is possible only to quicken growth by a small percentage ­ at most 10% which considering hair grows 1 - 2 inches a month ­ 6 inches a year, it means quickening by just over half an inch in a year! To do this massage the scalp (kneading) for 2-3 minutes every day.’

Therefore, I think I will be using this for a little longer to be able to see the full effects of the products. Perhaps I’ll have long flowing locks by the beginning of next year!


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