Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eye'll Be Seeing You

I have been asked by my mother to write a post on one of her favourite make up products. Now, when mum asked me to post her review of this product I nearly fell over. I got my product junkie gene from my mother and for her to have a clear favourite is really saying something. So, her hero is Bobbi Brown’s Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Antique Gold.

Bobbi Brown Metallic Lonbg-Wear Shadow - Antique Gold

‘I love the colour, it does something that makes my eyes look bluer and brighter. It works on brown and green eyes too, as many of my friends use the colour as well. The formulation is so easy to apply and it glides across the skin without dragging, which is ideal for those with older skin, you can layer them too and they are easy to blend. Even better still it doesn’t settle in the crease of the eye either and lasts the whole day. The versatility of this product is never ending, because of its metallic colouring, it works with the light to give the illusion of shape and definition where ever you need it. I find that it is best applied with a slanted brush, as you can use it to line the eye and gently sweep it across and up as a shadow, making it a two-in-one! I use this nearly everyday and still haven’t finished the pot, it seems to be endless.’

Well, that’s sold it for me, you know what they say...Mummy knows best!

I’ll be hunting for that in her make up bag when I go home next!

A + Mummy A x

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