Thursday, August 11, 2011

SUQQU - Japanese Genius

SUQQU, meaning "posture with attitude" in Japanese, is a simple and effective brand that was designed to enhance a woman’s natural beauty and work alongside her maturity. For those of you not familiar with the brand, it certainly has made an impact in the beauty industry. Winning Best Foundation in Harper’s Bazaars Beauty Hot 100 in 2010, as well as winning a Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards for Best Makeup Brushes in the same year. I first came across this brand back in 2007 and tried the Mascara Base and Volume Long N Mascara.

What the experts say.
  Mascara Base is a white coloured base that contains fibres to lengthen and strengthen each lash. The white allows you to see exactly where you have applied it and where you haven’t. The resin fibres bolster each lash making them look curled and fuller. I have the biggest and worst beauty confession to make, I was given this four years ago, and am still using it today! Wait, it’s not THAT bad, I have only recently opened it, but still I know - naughty! The biggest faux pas is that I have missed out on using it for four years, if I had known sooner just how amazing it was, I would probably have brought 20 or so by now. This Mascara Base works brilliantly under other mascaras, but I would recommend using the blackest of black on top to ensure all the white fibres are disguised. This base is easily removed and unlike previous mascara enhancements that I have used in the past, this one comes off and looks like actual fibrous hairs. Most strange but that means you can tell that is has come off completely.

SUQQU Mascara Base

Volume Long N Mascara in Black is another resin fibre mascara, giving much of the same effect as the Mascara Base, but this time in water-resistant black. The fibres are a little smaller and finer though, allowing you to apply more than one coat and layer the fibres without making lashes look clumpy. I used this straight away this time and adored it! I used it after curling my lashes and it holds the curl all day long. Lashes are soft, not dry and crusty, looking like falsies. Lashes simply look naturally fabulous and I most definitely haven’t found another fibrous mascara, yet, that has beaten this.

SUQQU Volume Long N Mascara (middle)

If you’d like to become addicted to fibrous mascara by SUQQU visit Selfridge’s

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