Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Something Fishy...

I have a slight obsession with having soft feet.  I religiously use my Ped-Egg (which is amazing!) and specific foot moisturiser along with my moisturising socks and co-ordinating gloves resulting in me looking like a one-man mime act. 
I had herd about fish pedicures but being very ticklish, was a little anxious about trying it as you generally see them in the middle of shopping centres and everyone stops and stares (myself included).  However, my friend found this amazing place in Binfield, Berkshire called The Garden Retreat.  So one afternoon, we went along.
Privacy is a key to the relaxed surroundings in their garden and you enjoy exclusivity of the Retreat. On arrival you to take off any footwear whilst they check and cleanse your feet with water.

You will then sit at one of the pedicure stations (with a cup of tea!) and you gently lower your feet into the water and then the fish will start to do their work.  This has to be one of the oddest sensations I have experienced and you go through a number of emotions.  For the first few minutes I absolutely hated it and I was initial reaction to move my feet to get rid of the fish.  But of course you can’t, so I powered through aking myself keep my feet still.  The next emotion is laughter as suddenly the fish are tickling you so much you can’t stop laughing.  A few minutes after that, you start to relax and it feels like you have pins and needles but it actually feels really nice.


Once your treatment time is complete, your feet are dried and moisturised you have a relaxing mini foot massage. 
Our feet were in the tanks for about 20 minutes but next time I would definitely love to do at 30 minutes as it is so relaxing and your feet are left so soft.
I would recommend anyone go to The Garden Retreat as it is so relaxing and so much better than sitting in the middle of a shopping centre!
K x

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