Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tryout a Trend - Bronzer (Facial Sculpting)

When it comes to bronzer you either get it or you don’t. Some people have a knack to sweeping it across their cheeks without worrying about it or even using a mirror, others, like myself apply bronzer in fear. Fear of looking like I’ve been Tango’ed. Either way I inevitably end up looking a little over-done. Unfortunately, bronzer is something that isn’t likely to fall off the radar anytime soon, so it is worth getting to grips with it.

This seasons bronzer is a little more interesting and has more appeal that just giving that sun kissed look. This summer bronzer is all about sculpting. Perfect I hear you cry? Isn’t it hard enough sculpting using concealer and other powders, not to mention adding bronzer into the mix? Well, actually by using bronzer to sculpt the face, you don’t need to bother with the other stuff to define your lines.

Use a sweep of bronzer inside the eye socket to subtly define your eyes. This will give you a look that says you’ve been relaxing by the pool in the south of France. Tom Pecheux created this look for Ferragamo’s S/S 11 show. Use your bronzer like an eyeshadow to create a beautiful, subtle luminosity to your skin and really make your eyes pop.

Ferragamo S/S 2011

As with all make up application, go cautiously. Opting for a bronzer that mimics that same colour your skin naturally goes when tanned. Also, avoid anything thing with too much glitter, as this will cheapen the look.

Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick is fantastic. It isn’t cheap at £30.50, but it lasts a long time and gives the right hues of colour. The formula is soft, but not wasteful.

Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick

Below are some top tips from Bobbi Brown herself on how to apply bonzer.

‘Use a short, fluffy brush to apply bronzer where the sun naturally hits your face – your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin – and dust your neck and chest if you're wearing a bare top.’

‘For a dewy look, try a cream formula. Gel formulas give you a sheer, stained look and are good for oily skins. Use your fingers or a sponge to apply cream and gel bronzers the same way as a powder formula.’

Colour‘The most natural-looking bronzers have predominantly brown tones (with a bit of red) to them. Avoid bronzers that are orange-toned or frosted; these look artificial on any complexion. Most companies offer light, medium, and dark shades. Pick your shade based on how you tan naturally. For example, if you turn a medium, golden brown in the sun, a medium bronzer is your best bet. Your bronzer should blend easily and warm up your face. If the colour looks too orange or obvious, try one shade lighter.’

Now, get your glow on, we always feel much happier when we have a tan! Even if it is false! For tanning tips see K’s post Tan-Tastic.


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