Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nail Art: Part 2

So continuing with my lesson in nail art, I decided to try out my silver studs. recommends that you:

  • Paint nails and apply top coat. 
  • Pick gem up with damp wooden stick and press the gem into the damp top coat
  • Seal with top coat

I painted my toe nails a brighter pink than before and then once my nails were dry, I applied 2 pale pink flowers in the same way that I had done before.  I then put a clear coat of nail polish on top and then used tweezers to pick up the studs.  I have to admit that this wasn’t the easiest way to do it but I didn’t have a wooden stick to hand!  I then placed the silver stud in the centre of each flower and used the tweezers to gently press them down.  I then waited a few minutes for the studs to set and put another clear coat on top to seal it.

Again, these were so easy to use and really transform your nails in a matter of minutes (once your nail polish is dry!).  There are lots of different shapes and colours of studs to choose from such as flowers, stars and snowflakes.  I now can’t wait for Christmas so I can test out the snowflakes!

K x

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