Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some great beauty advice!

I have some great news for all Beauty School Tryouts; the September issue of InStyle includes a supplement on InStyle’s Best Beauty Advice!  I have selected some of the top ones to share with you today;

Moisturiser tip: Don't just daub on moisturiser, make sure you massage it evenly into the skin making circular movements across the face. Warming it this way helps activate the ingredients and by taking time to do this, you'll really start to see the results.

Radiance tip: Brush YSL Touche Eclat on to your lids underneath your eyeshadow. It brightens up any dark areas and acts like a primer, keeping eyeshadow in place all day.

Concealer tip: When applying concealer, tilt your head downward while looking in the mirror. The shadows will make under-eye circles become more visible so you can cover them up better.

Mascara tip: Press your mascara wand right up to your lash line before sweeping the brush through lashes for eyeliner and mascara application in one go.

Night cream tip: Apply your fave night cream while your skin is still damp from cleansing to help lock in moisture.

Perfume tip: Spritz on the back of your knees, the inside of your elbows and the base of your throat - scent clings to these points longer.

Lip colour tip: For symmetry, divide lips into quarters. Start with liner at the Cupid's bow and work outwards, then up from the corners back to the bow. Repeat on the bottom lip, then brush on lipstick for a precision finish." - This works with lipgloss too.

Foundation tip: Finding the right shade and texture of foundation isn't always easy. Try testing it out on your jaw-line rather than the back of your hand for a truer idea of what it will look like.

Another tip that I was told ages ago, was that when applying mascara, you should always apply it to the lower lashes first because then you look up to apply your upper lashes and don’t get mascara underneath your eyes!

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