Thursday, August 25, 2011

Get Dirty With Rugby Players

Want to clean dirty boys? Well the Harlequins rugby boys were keeping the nation clean and eco this week. This shower fun was in order to alert as many people in the UK to the amount of water that is wasted on a daily basis and be aware of chemicals that go down the plughole. The Harlequins wanted to encourage everyone to share a shower!. method, the smart and sustainable cleaning brand, are calculating how much water we’ll all save together to really bring home how important water awareness is.

We have all been told that showers are greener than baths, but in fact, the average shower still uses 63 litres of water. Research has shown that if everyone in the UK shared a shower with a loved one, even once, we could save 1.5 billion litres of water, while giving us the chance for some quality ‘we time’ (wink!)
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Sam Twomey; Ugo Monye: Chris Robshaw; Will Skinner; Chris York – Nicole Kurtz

You may be thinking, we are a rainy nation surrounded by water, why do we have to bother. Well according to research, we are wasting huge amounts needlessly and some parts of the UK are experiencing water shortages - the south east of England has less water available per person than Sudan and Syria! Do not forget that each day we wash loads of chemicals and cleaning products down the drain, which goes into the seas! 

So with that in mind, method’s share a shower was born, to encourage the UK to have a bit of fun while saving water and being conscious of the products we use. Share a shower has a plethora of hi-profile, eco-savvy faces joining them to spread the word, such as the delicious Oliver Health and beautiful Summer Rayne Oakes.

You can join the tasty Harlequins and pledge your support at – and remember if we all shared a shower, just once, we could save 1.5 billion litres of water.


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