Friday, August 19, 2011

Roll Up Roll Up

Have you ever thought about what exactly it is that you are putting onto your skin, the ingredients that make up the soft, luxurious and wonderfully scented cream or the tightening, plumping serum? If so you are not alone, Dr. Raffaella Gregoris has too. Unnecessary extras in products bothered her so much that she decided to create a range of products that contain zero unless substances and only 100% active ingredients. This intriguing brand is called BAKEL and they have just launched a brand-new product named COOL EYES.
So what does it do? Well, exactly what is says, it cools the eyes. This regenerating eye cream gives and instant cooling effect to calm puffy eyes, bags and reduces dark circles. Not only that it also has a tightening effect that fights free radicals and stimulates cellular oxygenation.


COOL EYES isn’t just another of those trendy ‘roller ball’ eye products. It has been specially designed for easy application to the delicate eye contour area. The airless pump tip ends with a metal roller-ball ensuring a delicate and effective penetration of the cream during a draining massage. Not only that but it helps fight ageing too, with the combination of three premium peptides proven to target the main causes of dark circles and bags:

Dipeptide – stimulates drainage of excess liquids

Tetrapeptide – boosts firmness and elasticity

Hesperidin – counteracts capillary fragility

This is for anyone who works hard and plays hard, as the instant cooling sensation during and after application helps achieve immediate comfort and calms distressed skin.

Dr. Raffaella Gregoris, recommends the following;

‘ Pump a small amount and gently use the roller ball in a figure of eight motion. The moisturising cream allows for immediate absorption, and gives a calming effect on the skin, making it ideal for sensitive skin types. After just a few applications, the skin around the eyes is left looking smoother and brighter.’

As you will expect from BAKEL, COOL EYES contains NO preservatives, colourings, synthetic perfumes, petroleum derivatives, silicones, alcohol, PEG, PPG, heavy metals, or any other ineffective or harmful ingredients.

COOL EYES is out NOW at SPACE NK priced £75 for 20ml. That may sound a little steep but think, every ingredient is 100% active

As I mentioned earlier, we often don’t think about the ingredients in our skincare, below Dr. Raffaella Gregoris outlines the ingredients she doesn’t use and why.

When they are present, they feature in big quantities because they are used as the nourishing part of the cream instead of using vegetal oils or vegetal butter (more expensive and with bigger problems of stability). They are not able to give any kind of benefit to our skin and they are not able to nourish the skin at all.

They are used as the fatty part of the cream, again when they are present they are normally being used in a large quantity because they are the constituents of the oily part of the cream. They are used a lot because they give a wonderful texture, because they are volatile: you massage the cream and you think you have a perfect penetration (in reality this is because parts of the silicones are evaporating) and they are very stable. Very negative for the skin they don’t give any kind of benefit.

These glycols don’t give any kind of benefit to our skin, but at the moment there are also some negative studies on their action on our skin, it seems they interfere with the physiology of the skin and they modify it.

No sense at all in putting perfume inside a skincare for the face, not only is it not able to give a benefit to the skin but it can create problems of skin sensibility, skin spots and allergies.

It is possible to avoid the usage of these strong preservatives using airless packaging (no jars at all) and the best quality raw materials. Preservatives are very often the main ingredients responsible for causing allergies and reactions.

Wow, so go on, grab your favourite skincare products and ready the labels...what do you see?

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