Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Come Out To Play

I hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend, we had a day off here to at BSTO but are back a feeling fresh faced with a new purchase...

As you will know from my past posts, foundation is my biggest make up problem, constantly on the search so ‘the’ shade, which I know doesn’t exist as skin changes from month-to-month and you (I) practically need 10 different foundations to suit my skin through the year.  One brand I tried in my younger years was Benefit’s Play Sticks; the coverage was great and the choice of colour’s perfect for my skin tone. Unfortunately, when I was 16 foundation never sat on my skin very well and often looked very greasy. Perhaps, I was wearing too much foundation or even using the wrong moisturizer – in fact I doubt I even used one back then! Tut Tut Tut!
Benefit Play Stick

I adore Benefit they are fun, cheeky and the products are brilliant! However, I’ve not actually invested much into brand, as I consider it a little pricy for my meager budget. So, when I went shopping with my Mum over the weekend, we stumbled on an amazing discovery. T.K.Maxx sells beauty products, to be precise Benefit Play Sticks for a fifth of the RRP! Well, it was sheer carnage searching for the right shade, but eventually I found two that I thought would suit – two different tones (Tea Party and Paper Dolls), to accommodate my ever-changing skin tone. So, for a tenner I got two Play Sticks, half the RRP of one!! I have a bit of a reputation for finding a bargain, but this is something else!

Paper Dolls

Tea Party

Benefit Play Sticks are a powder foundation formulated into a cream stick, it feels like velvet and glides onto the skin like silk. It is one of the easiest foundations I have come across to blend and the coverage is perfect for my needs (medium-heavy). The end result is a natural, clear looking complexion. Also, this little baby gets better; Play Sticks contain Green Tea and Chamomile, thus helping fight and calm blemishes. It also smells wonderful and is an absolute pleasure to use!

So, whether you spend £5 or £25.50 for a Benefit Play Stick, just make sure you get one (or two, or three)


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