Friday, September 16, 2011


Whilst I was away on holiday, I found the most amazing range of products in the local supermarket; Sombra Facil Deliplus.

It is a range of eyes shadows in the different patterns and shadings that you transfer to your eyelids in one movement. 
I decided to be daring and purchased the leopard print one; but there were other colours there as well.  I will admit, that I was very sceptical, but decided to give it a go. 

You get two sets in each packet and they are what would best be described as soft foam board.  As I couldn’t translate the instructions, I had to figure it out using the pictures on the packet.  But they really were so easy to use!  All you do and line the foam onto your eye where you want the eye shadow to go, press it down on to your eye lid and then remove!  It really is as easy as that and so very quick.

In the packet

I loved the look of the leopard print, but I really wish I had picked up some more colours as well as they are just so great!  And the other colours are great if you aren’t confident at blending your eye shadows. 

So if you want amazing eye shadow and pronto, I would highly recommend Sombra Facil Deliplus!

K x

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