Monday, September 19, 2011

Vidal Sassoon - Part 1

A few weeks back I was asked to model for Vidal Sassoon. That sounds much grander than it actually is. Pharrell, who is taking his practical theory exams at the Vidal Sassoon Academy, asked me. How could I possibly pass up an opportunity of a free cut by a Vidal Sassoon trained stylist, I couldn’t, and when I was told which cut I would be having I was even more excited. The graduated bob – my absolute favourite. Over the past 5 or so years (pre Victoria Beckham's ‘Pob’) I have toiled with this look, going from extremely short to slightly longer long bob style, but always seeming to come back to the classic deep graduation.

Over the next few blog posts I will share with you my before and after pictures (I have to feature in a photo-shoot for Pharrell’s exam portfolio), as well as some history about the great man himself, Vidal Sassoon and how he became such a hair icon.

Vidal Sassoon

Hair History - The Sassoon Way

Vidal Sassoon was a pioneer of on-the-go hair cutting and styling. In the 50’s a visit to the hairdresser was a weekly ritual. Hair was styled by curlers, followed by a prolonged period under the hairdryer hood. The resulting look, often bouffant, was hair sprayed into unwavering stiffness. The 60’s was the year Vidal Sassoon introduced his precision haircutting techniques, turning hairdressers into haircutters, revolutionizing the industry and liberating women with modern, easy to manage hair.  The 80’s were the dawn of the more sophisticated hair colouring techniques and products were developed and colour went mainstream. Sassoon experimented with a wide range of shades and methods, bringing cut and colour into close correspondence.

Today, because of the over saturation of products on the market, hair trends have moved in the direction of over-styling. These looks are not easy to recreate and maintain at home. Sassoon, on the other hand, makes a cut the style. A result, looks don’t wash out after a visit to the salon and are easy to recreate by the client.


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