Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vidal Sassoon - Part Two

Today is the day of the photoshoot. I’m heading down to the Sassoon salon by St Paul’s after lunch. I have been advised to bring some reading material with me to pass the time, as I will be expected to wait around for a few hours while the shoot is taking place. I will also have my make up done by professionals (that reminds me to call my boyfriend for drinks after, I’m not going to waste this fab make over by simply going home after!) Photos to follow.

Vidal Sassoon - Graduated Bob

What makes Vidal Sassoon so different? Isn’t it just a hair cut?

Sassoon believes that great hair design begins with the client. Sassoon studies individual features, characteristics and personal style, applying each cut and colour with careful consideration and precision, creating the ultimate individualised look that's effortlessly sophisticated. The shape of your face. The tone of your skin. The angle of your jaw. Your sense of style. The lines of a Sassoon haircut are like arrows pointing out your best features.

Sassoons method of cutting is unparrelled, and considers every aspect of your hair. Precision cuts are designed to enhance your individual features. High-definition colour complements the shape of your cut. All of this works in synergy so that you can achieve complete control of a look that is easy to recreate day after day.

The design is the most important aspect of a hair cut, Like arrows pointing to your eyes, your smile, your cheekbones, a Sassoon cut and colour accentuates and defines, creating the ultimate expression of you. Vidal Sassoon believes the cut is the style. Sassoon cuts the shape into the hair so that you don't need a lot of styling products to hold hair into a style. So you can shake your head and run your fingers through your hair as often as you like, and your hair will always fall back into shape.

Most importantly Vidal believes that ‘When everything else comes off - your clothes, your jewellery, your makeup - the effortless sophistication and beauty of a Sassoon cut and colour stays with you.’


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