Friday, September 23, 2011

Vidal Sassoon - Part Three

I had the photoshoot yesterday, which was such great fun! I met some fabulous people and had a chance to release my inner glamour puss! I adore my new haircut! Vidal Sassoon really is a true hair god! Ever since having this cut my hair has been 100% easier to style in the morning, despite my hair type being too unruly to really suit this type of cut.  I don’t have to spend ages straightening it with irons, meaning I cut time in the mornings as well as preventing heat damage. I still use an intensive hair mask every week to ensure my hair looks fab at all times, but this means my cut can last longer as the ends don’t look frazzled. My only concern is that with a cut this short, maintenance is imperative, and to be honest I cant really afford Sassoon cuts every month – however, I’m tempted - A Happy Hair Day is priceless! Time to start saving my pennies!


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