Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Want to get SUPER?

Well, yes you may say and this is how... SUPER by Dr Nicholas Perricone is a brand new skincare range hitting the shelves of the UK in a few weeks. You may be aware of the great anti-ageing expert, Dr Nicholas Perricone. Who created the highly potent skincare range Perricone MD, along with the famous Inflammation Theory of Ageing. A decade ago, Dr. Nicholas Perricone pioneered a simple but powerful concept. Some foods are dramatically better than others for healthy aging and beautiful skin. He called them superfoods.

Inspired by a passion to feed hungry skin, Dr. Nicholas Perricone introduces SUPER, a nourishing feast of skin care. Derived from the world's most powerful superfoods + proprietary sciences, SUPER allows you to indulge your craving for beautiful skin.

Feed hungry skin with the world's most powerful superfoods. The 14 piece range encompasses Chia Seeds, Melon, Green Apple, Chilli, Turmeric, Coconut, Watercress, Ginger, Red Algae and Acai. Dr Perricone has used his expertise to extract the key elements of these superfoods and integrate them into a topical form. Find out which does what below.

The range is launching in major Boots stores nationwide from the 20th September and is tipped to be a hit. With products such as Supermodel Legs; an iridescent moisturizer that boosts circulation and natural radiance, First Blush; a complex brightening serum, Sweet Clean; an antioxidant cleaners for face and eyes as well as Sun Kissed; a beautifully tinted moisturizer that provides a natural glow while protecting with SPF15 as well as providing antioxidant benefits to the skin – this will blow any so-called ‘BB’ cream out of the water!

SUPER is a preventative range to help keep skin looking youthful for longer. Prices start from around £30 and is value for money – Dr Perricone knows his stuff when it comes to skincare so anything from him is priceless to me.


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