Friday, July 15, 2011

Be an Eye Shadow Pro

I was recently in Boots looking for a new eye shadow to purchase.  Now I will be the first to admit that I am not great when it comes to blending eye shadows to create ‘smoking eyes’ and other looks.  So I was excited to discover an eye shadow range by Loreal; Quad Pro.

Each Quad Pro palette features a harmony of colours especially designed and combined to enhance every eye colour – and they really work.

I purchased the shade 303 Doutzen Kroes for blue eyes which offers a subtle palette of shimmering greige hues in three shades ranging from darkest to lightest and an illuminator to heighten the overall effect.

The Quad Pro palettes are designed in the shape of an eyelid; there is a drawing on the case so you know where to apply each colour making it easy to achieve the desired look.

Make-up expert James Kaliardoos has split the application process into four simple steps.

Apply the darkest shade (number one) along the base of the lashes with the bevelled precision applicator to define, accentuate and intensify the eyes.

Sweep the medium shade (number two) over the middle of the eyelid and blend it toward the outer edge of the eye to add depth.

Apply the lightest shade (number three) on the brow bone to highlight the eye, but avoid going all the way to the eyebrow for a more sophisticated look.

Apply the cream illuminator to the inner corner of the eye to help make the eyes look bigger and brighter.

The Quad Pro palettes are perfect for all Beauty School Tryouts!

K x

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