Friday, July 8, 2011

Chapped Lips? Calm Down and Get Carmex

So, when I was 15 and 6 months my Mum said to me ‘well now that you are old enough, you should really be earning some money of your own!’. Fair comment to be honest, and I couldn’t wait. It gave me the opportunity to be more independent, and fund my own spending habit without having to answer questions as to why I ‘needed’ those clothes or shoes or more phone credit. (Yes that’s how long ago we are talking) So I trudged up to my local Sainsbury’s and applied for a position as a checkout girl, one night a week and all day Saturday. When I got the job I was so excited! I had a job, earning my own money, and as one of the older kids in my year I was one of the first! My first winter working on the tills was great fun, everyone was in the Christmas spirit and I was working over-time at a premium rate so was going to be cashing in on mega bucks to fund my January Sales spending spree. So I revelled in the chance to chat to my customers about their plans for Christmas and New Year. That year was particularly cold and windy and I had quite sore, chapped and red lips. So I was trying everything from petroleum jelly to the more conditioning lip balms, but nothing seemed to be able to stay on my lips long enough to actually heal the skin. Mid conversation with a customer she noticed I had 3 different lip balms next to my till. She leaned over and said;

‘Try Carmex, its what all the models use. My daughter is a model and she swears by it’.

Original Carmex

Well, that was it; as soon as my shift was over I brought one (not exactly blowing the budget, I know). Ever since, I have not used anything apart from Carmex and never will. I have one in every handbag and have become the ‘go-to’ among my friends for a dash of Carmex. I tried the cherry flavour but prefer the original formula. Quite intrigued to try the mint flavour, a little extra zing is always a winner. So if you ever need a bit of lip therapy go for Carmex, you won’t regret it.


Carmex are doing their bit to help the environment by reducing the amount of plastic in the packaging of their little pots! The product and the amount are the same but by eliminating 20% of the plastic from the jar bottom. This will save 35 tons of plastic from being wasted and from being shipped so less fuel will be used.


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