Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lip Hit!

Celebrities have been sporting gorgeous red shades of lipsticks recently so I thought that I would give it a go myself.

I used an organic lipstick by Green People in the Cherry colour.  This lipstick is a soft shade of red with some subtle shimmer and a mild minty flavour and contains organic coconut, cupacu and jojoba oil.

Green People lipsticks are the first certified oranic lipsticks in the UK and are made with natural colours from earth minerals - no artificial colours or beetle-derived carmine – resulting in organic lipsticks which are pure and kind to your lips.

4Beauty say that if you follow the below tips you shouldn’t need many touch ups during the day;

·        Try regularly exfoliating your lips and keeping them moisturised - this will help to create a   smooth finish.
·        Whether you're using a lip brush or applying straight from the stick, make-up artist Bobbi Brown recommends that you "apply an even layer over the entire lip, starting at one corner of the mouth, and keeping within the natural lines of the lips."   She uses a lip brush to line the lips with lipstick. "Always apply the colour to the corners on both top and bottom lips. Then fill in the bottom lip and any missed areas before pressing your lips together to evenly distribute the colour."
·        Blot your lips on a piece of tissue to soak up excess product and help to set the stain.
·        For a really intense, long-lasting pout, repeat the process once or twice to build up a strong colour.

I wore my Green People lipstick out on Saturday night following the tips and found that it did last most of the evening and I only had to touch up once!  I also loved the subtle mint flavour to it.  It was a really flattering shade and I’m looking forward to trying out some of their other shades.

K x

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