Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Use This Daly...

Make-up guru Barbara Daly: ‘I’ve worked with the world’s most perfect faces, and I tell you, there is no such thing’

Barbara Daly

From supermodels to royalty (including Princess Diana), prime ministers (men?) to actors, make-up artist Barbara Daly has ‘enhanced’ the looks of Hollywood’s hottest and society’s finest and revolutionised cosmetics with her own range.

Since I was young I have been using this amazing and incredibly simple tool by Barbara Daly Make Up from Tesco.  As I have mentioned before eyelashes are a big deal to me (lashes are still falling people, please any advice would be greatly appreciated!) and I am always on the look out for any way to make my lashes look fuller and longer. Barbara Daly Lash Comb is my daily lifesaver. It is the perfect comb for separating your lashes before and after applying mascara. It is also ideal for combing your eyebrows into shape.

Barbara Daly Lash Comb for Tesco

Barbara Daly recommends

If you are applying more than one coat of mascara, always comb in between each coat to separate lashes and avoid clumping.



P.S The Barbara Daly Lash Comb is hard to come by so when I ever see it I often buy as many as I can, in fear of it ever being discontinued. Please, please, please take heed and do the same to avoid dissapointment, you won’t be disappointed as it costs only about £1.10 apiece – total bargain for such a versatile tool!

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