Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Creative Director of MyFace Cosmetics talks to Beauty School Tryout!

Your foundation makeup is your canvas.  You can spend ages doing your eyes and lips but the quality of the look is ruined if your face is a different colour from your neck. 

With this is mind, we got in touch with Creative Director of myface cosmetics, Kay Montano to see if she could offer us any advice on applying foundation and she kindly told us the following; 

“A really good foundation will feel like you’re not wearing any, your skin should look like you’ve just stepped out of the spa. Fresh faced and dewy! The myface mymix foundations offer a foolproof way to find your perfect colour match. It’s as easy as simply choosing which skin tone you are – fair, medium or medium dark – then you can simply apply the correct shade for your skin tone. Always test for the best shade of foundation on your jaw line - it should seamlessly match either your neck or your face, depending on whether you want to match your slightly darker neck area or your face if it is a little lighter. The right shade should blend seamlessly into your skin, but if it is too dark it will look orange and if a shade is too light it will look ashy.

Choosing the wrong colour is absolutely the most common foundation mistake! Often the texture can also be too thick – thick foundations can look caked on and sit in the pores, which can be ageing. Always use a light foundation, preferably water based like mymix and conceal with concealer on blemishes, age spots and veins for a magazine flawless finish. It is also really important that your concealer syncs with your foundation, which myface also offers perfectly.

I tend to always use my fingers when applying foundation. This technique warms up the product and makes it look more natural on the skin. The heat from your hands means that the foundation will become more like your own skin.”

I have tried so many foundations out over the years from Rimmel and Revlon to Channel and Clinique and had yet to find one that had great coverage and didn’t look too orange; so I was keen to try out the Mymix foundation. 

I used the Mymix foundation in fair colour 01 and following Kay’s advice I have to say that it really is a great foundation!  Using my fingertips rather than a brush or sponge like I usually do made such a difference and the result was far more natural.

Myface Cosmetics is definitely my new cosmetic crush!

K x

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