Monday, July 11, 2011

Bling Bling!

Nicole Scherzinger seems to be loving metallic nail polish this summer and has been spotted at several parties with metallic nails.  I recently discovered some amazing metallic nail polishes from myface.cosmetics

Myface.cosmetics have recently launched their ‘Lil Bling’ line of nail polishes in 5 gemstone chrome-coat colours; Raspberry Beret, Limelight, Sugar Plum, Pink Champgne and Tequila sunrise.  The formulas used in the nail polish result in a look where your nails look like they have been dipped in molten metal. 

I wore the Pink Champagne colour which I absolutely loved and had so many complements on!  It was really easy to apply to my nails and it lasted really well. 

I followed these tips from ‘nail technician to the stars’ Marian Newman;

1. File smart
“Square nails and long, French-manicure styles are out, so keep them short and natural, mirroring the shape of the cuticle with your file,” says Newman. Use a gentle file such as the Kanga Board (Best Beauty Buy) to round off edges and corners.

2. First base
Base coat is a must. “It’s not just something you should use with darker shades to prevent staining – it’s essential for every hue,” says Newman. “Look for one that dries with a matte finish (such as Seche Clear crystal Clear Base Coat (Best Beauty Buy) – it will help the polish adhere to the nails better.”

3. Tip top
“After two coats of polish, I paint on a thick layer of top coat for a ‘plastic’ finish,” says Newman. “Run it around the edges of your nails to seal in the colour.” Finish with a drop of Solar Oil (Best Beauty Buy) to speed up drying and hydrate cuticles.

I didn’t have any Solar Oil so used some cuticle oil that I had in my manicure kit which I thought worked really well.  It was like adding a protective layer to my nails which was great as I do tend to get a bit impatient when waiting for my nails to dry! 

I can’t wait to try out the other 4 nail polish colours and will certainly be giving Nicole Scherzinger a run for her money this summer with my metallic nails!

K x

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